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Due to the Ministry of Environment guidelines however, treating rats in Toronto is very difficult. Formerly we offered D-I-Y solutions in the form of rat bait kits with bait that would very effectively eliminate rats. Recent changes in the Ministry of Environment’s regulations mean these effective bait products are no longer available for use by the public, but rather by licensed professionals only.
Therefore we can offer DIY rat control solutions in the form of snap traps, glue boards as well as odour removing products, but in the specific case of rodent control, we highly recommend going with our professional rat control services. 

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals provide the highest quality service that not only includes extermination, but also personalized recommendations on how to proactively prevent future rat infestations. 

This is extremely important because without treatment, rats will persist to find ways to get inside your home. Once they have a food source, they will always go back to that food source. Controlling rats is a combination of altering the environment and extermination. For example, if you notice that rats are always eating your bananas that are stored in the same cupboard, no matter what baiting procedures you apply you still need to change the environment by removing competing food sources. Our technicians work with you to not only find extermination solutions, but also help you with recommendations to adjust structural and environmental issues. 

Glue Strip Traps

Non-Toxic Insect & Rodent Glue Traps 

They are perfect for getting rid of rats, mice and some insects.
Catchmaster glue board products are manufactured with superior glues that are not toxic to people or pets. The glue is uniquely designed to reduce hardening and also to prevent running when exposed to heat.


Large Glue Trays

Non-Toxic Insect & Rodent Glue Traps 

Similar to Glue Strip Traps.

- Contains 2 traps

- Hercules Putty secures trap to the floor

- Traps several rodents: more than 1 rat, 8 mice, 100's of insects


Please note: Advantage Pest Control Inc. offers numerous other DIY products that you can purchase for other pests that are effective without professional service, but specifically with rodents, it is especially recommended to receive our professional services.

Active Ingredients: 

Sodium aluminosilicate, a natural mineral

This innovative Odour Removing Bag by Earth Care removes odours like a sponge, using the properties of natural minerals - no fragrances or cover-ups. Most odours can be removed entirely within 24 hours of use. The Odour Removing Bag is as easy to use as placing the bag near the source of the odour, and it will pull the odours from the entire room.  Each bag will last 3 -4 months once opened.  One bag is recommended per room or every 200 square feet.

DIRECTIONS: Use for odours caused by animal carcasses and excrement, skunk spray, and ordinary household odours. MINIMUM OF TWO BAGS NEEDED TO ELIMINATE DEAD RODENT ODOURS. Hang 1-3 bag(s) in all rooms that you smell an odour. One bag will cover approximately 100 square feet. 
​If dead animal is in attic or crawl space, hang 1-3 bag(s) in that area as well.

- The Earth Care Odour Removing Bag is non toxic and biodegradable
- The Earth Care Odour Removing Bag can safely be used around pets and children
​- Earth Care is safe for Planet Earth. To dispose of Earth Care simply add to your soil, it is an excellent nitrogen soil amendment.


- 4 snap traps

- 5 glue boards